How to earn money from Facebook page step by step instruction

Earn money from facebook

earn money using facebook accountIn previous article we have already explained how can you earn money from whatsapp account and on this article we will share another secrete to earn money using your facebook account, which not many know about it.

To earn money from facebook you only need to have a facebook account and facebook page (fan page) with some decent followers (likes). More likes will fetch more money for you.

But if you do not have facebook page or dont have good number of likes, dont worry we have explained below how can you get them without any difficulties.

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How can you earn money from facebook page?

To earn from from your facebook page you need to register with Desipearl. Desipearl is a content marketing platform that allows you to earn money from your facebook pages as well as websites.

desipearl-signupTo signup with despiearl, please visit here and enter your details like Email address, facebook page and mobile number. Please give enter all these information carefully as you will receive confirmation email as well as a call on your mobile number.

You can enter as many as facebook pages once your account is successfully approved. Make sure you have atleast 500 likes on your page before you apply otherwise you may face rejection. Later in this article we have also explained how can you get more likes on your facebook pages.

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How desipearl will help to earn money through facebook page?

desipearlOnce you have approved account you can create links to share on your facebook pages. You will get a link for each article to share on your social media. All you need to do is copy this link and share on your facebook pages. Although despiearl links are to be shared on facebook but you can share them on other platforms also including twitter and whatsapp account. You will pe paid for each clicks.

Despiearl will give you 0.25 paisa for each click made on your link and 0.40 paisa for click from your websites for Indians. You can generate links on Hindi, English and other regional languages.

You need to yield atleast Rs. 1000 before you get them in your account. Generally you will be paid by 10th of every month.

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Step by step instruction to earn money from facebook page

To summarize here the quick three steps to start earning from your facebook page

  1. Create facebook page
  2. Get atleast 500 likes on your page
  3. Register with Desipearl and start earning.

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How to get extra likes on your facebook pages?

To earn more money from your facebook page you need more likes on your pages. Visitor likes active pages with fun stuffs like funny images, viral videos, puzzles, trending articles and other cool stuffs.

If you want we can automatically publish all of them on your page for free so that you get more likes on your pages. If you are interested you can contact us now.

You can also advertise your pafecbook page to get more likes quickly but for that you need to pay money to facebook. Generally you get 1 like for 5 to 6 rupee but we can help here too. We can help you to get 1 like for just Rs 2. And you need to pay us only after getting likes. You can contact us now.

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How to create facebook page?

Almost every body knows how to create a facebook page but just in case you would like to know it just follow below video. Or login to your facebook account and click on this link. Steps are self explanatory and you can easily create a facebook page.

Other way to earn money from facebook

Desipearl is not the only way to earn money from facebook. There are various other ways but we will talk about them in any other article. So please visit our site frequently to be the first person to know about them.

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