You cant fine me for listing to my wife # Funny

Funny Joke

Unexpected Lottery ! # Funny Joke

Unexpected Lottery !

My neighbor’s wife texted me,
“I am new on whatsapp..
Any idea what does IDK, LY, TTYL mean…?”

I replied : ‘I don’t know, Love You, Talk To You Later !

She replied : ‘ No problem. Pls tell me later… Love you too…


I came home from work # LOL

I came home from work
Was tired. Sat down on the sofa, Put my feet up.

Wife brought me a glass of water. Son gave me a sheet of paper 📄

English. 17 /100
Hindi. 35/100
Maths. 40 /100
Physics 37/100
Chemistry 42/100

I lost my temper

Bloody idiot, Duffer, Ullu da pattha, What is this? All the time on phone and TV. How dare you show me such marks?

Wife said…ek min suno toh

I told her
“Shut up. Its your love and pampering that has spoilt him. He is no good. Bloody useless!!!”

Wife said…oh ho..sun toh lo

I said
“Kya sun lo. Reh kya gaya sun ne ke liye. Khandaan ki naak kat gayi. No one in our family has performed so badly ever.”

Son said…
“Papa i was cleaning old almirah. I found this. This is your marksheet.”






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