Doctor Patient Funny Joke

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Funny Joke

Joke : Doctor Patient Funny Joke

Dr.- Your case is quite complicated.

Patient- Why doctor? What happened?

Dr.- You got a disease from the chapter,

which I left as optional during my studies…


Now  Husband Wife Funny Joke


When a wife keeps her head on your chest and slowly asks “Dear do have any woman in your life other than me”?
Remember answer is not important at this time…

Important is heartbeats.


One More Funny Joke


Lady patient to the Doctor inside his examination room “Doctor can you please call my husband inside, I am not feeling comfortable. ”

Doctor – “Trust me lady, I am a Doctor & I am a Gentleman.

Lady patient – “No that’s not the issue. Your receptionist is alone outside and my husband is neither a doctor nor a gentleman…He is an engineer!!!!!

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